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Created to fill a specific need, Jerry Sinkovec helps to make your life easier, and your business more successful. He saw the need, and addressed it with a comprehensive range of services.

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Jerry Sinkovec Photojournalist is staffed by professionals who are devoted to solving your business problems. We will consult with you to determine your requirements and to configure solutions that are specifically tailored for your challenges. We've expanded our business to include this Web site so that our customers can enjoy convenient access to information, new products and ideas, as well as a place to network with others who have similar interests.


The following is information on Jerry's background as a photojournalist.

As a freelance photojournalist for the last twenty-five years, I’ve won a few awards for my writing and photography. In addition, I’ve continually expanded the base of the magazines I write for. I now write for several international publications as well. There are over sixty-five magazines,  newspapers and web sites that have published my work and that I continue to write for. I was recently made the Shooting and Travel Editor for Outdoors Now Magazine. Recently, I started writing for several web sites; www.shotgunlife.com, www.huntx3.com, and some Grand View Outdoors E-Magazines; AR Guns & Hunting, and Predator and other ones on shooting that are listed below.


Some of my clients include: World & I Magazine, published by the Washington Times, Washington, DC., New Mexico Magazine, New Mexico Outdoors, Idaho Outdoors, Sportsman’s News, Crosswinds, Prime Time, AARP, Wild Side, Mountain Sports & Living, En Accion, Chevron USA Odyssey (cir. 2.5 million), Travel & Leisure, Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photographer, Nature Photography, Colorado Magazine, Clay Shooting USA, Sporting Clays, Shotgun Sports, Clay Pigeon, Shooting Sports Retailer, American Firearms Industry, Shot Business, Shooting Sportsman, Double Gun Journal, Shotgun News, SWAT, Tactical Response, AR Magazine, American Firearms Industry, BOB Magazine, Blue Magazine, Southwest Gourmet, Local Flavor, La Cocina, South African Airways, Air Wisconsin, Mesa Airlines, The Chicago Tribune, The Denver Post; Johannesburg Star; The Cleveland Plain Dealer, New Mexico Business Journal, Stout Publishing, Hispanic Publishing, Freeskier, Blizzard Skis, K2 Skis, Powder Magazine, The Cascade Horseman, Trail Rider Magazine, Cowboy Sports and Entertainment, Desert Cowboy, Just Horses, Rocky Mountain Rider, Western Horseman German Edition, Abenteurer und Reisen, American West, Sunwest Bank, Cabot Corp., 3M, Trailer Life, Touring America Magazine, T&L Publishing, H B & J Publishing, Franklin Watts Publishing and many others. The State of New Mexico used one of my ski action photographs to promote skiing in the state for three years and that particular photo won an Addy award. Some of my black and white work (16 B & W prints) were purchased by The Art Institute of Chicagoand remains in their archives. I also took fourth place in the Chicago Arts Festival some years ago. The United States Information Agency also used my story published in The World & I Magazine on the Delta Queen Steamboat (Affected by Her Charm), to promote tourism in the United States by sending reprints to all its embassies and consulates worldwide, over 350 locations. I’m currently working on two books, one on Tequila and another about the New Mexican Horse that is a new breed that has been established from the Spanish Barbs of the Conquistadors.


I do a lot of writing in the following areas: travel, adventure, ice climbing, mountain climbing, history, wildlife, photography, skiing, hunting, guns,  fishing, shotgun instruction, horseback riding adventures, ATVing, natural science, culture and life. More recently, I’ve been writing about food, wine, microbrewery beers and tequila and paring them to wild game and ethnic dishes and doing restaurant reviews for different publications. I supply all the photography for all my articles, which makes the editor’s job easier and makes the articles easier to sell. I’ve done quite a bit of writing on various international train rides, and cruises as well. I’ve been digital in photography for over twenty years, but I still can provide film format photography in: 35mm, 35mm panoramic (24mm x 55mm), 4.5cm x 6cm, 6cm x 7cm and 4" x 5". Some of my cowboy and western riding articles have sold seven times and have been used by national and international publications. Some of my photography used in advertising has won Addy awards. Some of my articles can be found on the web if you type in my name, Jerry Sinkovec, in the address line of your computer. If you use Goggle or Yahoo, some additional listings will appear. If you have any questions, please advise. Some of my published articles can be seen at my newest web site, www.gunsgearandgame.com and my shooting school website: www.itishooting.com 

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